India will become the world’s youngest country by 2020 with an average age of 29, India’s envoy in Sri Lanka said on Sunday. Sixty-four per cent of India’s population will be in the working age group by 2020, High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka Taranjith Singh Sandhu said while delivering a foreign policy lecture.

“With western Europe, the US, South Korea, Japan and even China aging, this demographic potential offers India an unprecedented edge which could further contribute to the GDP growth rate,” he said.

“The core aim of India’s foreign policy is to meet the developmental aspirations of its 1.25 billion people. Our diplomacy is for our development,” the envoy said.

The Indian foreign policy has become more proactive and the world appreciated India’s leadership, he said.
There was a huge window of opportunity for India-Sri Lanka ties, Mr Sandhu said.

“We will soon be launching a SAARC communications and meteorology satellite which also has Sri Lankan partnership. There is a lot that we can do together. We are keen to integrate,” he added.