This year, country’s premier engineering institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) will give 11 marks extra to the students who took the exam. The step has been taken to compensate for the three ‘ambiguous’ questions that were asked in the JEE (Advanced) exam that took place on May 21. Out of three, two questions were asked from mathematics section and one from physics.

Also, in two others questions each in physics and chemistry, marks will be given to any of the two answers provided by the IITs. This decision was announced after the internal assessment of question papers by the experts from IITs. On June 4,  the answer keys of the exam were released.

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One of the not so clear questions was asked from physics on rotational dynamics,  a teacher from Pace Junior Science College V V Acharya said, “What was wanted in the question was not clearly known. The IITs have rightly given bonus marks for that question. The other question, which was from the same topic, could have been interpreted in more than one way. Some students may have wanted to challenge it but the IITs have given marks for both right answers,” said the teacher.

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This year as many as 1.74 lakh students registered for the test. This is not the first time that IIT is giving bonus marks to the students, in the year 2016, they were given extra marks for three questions and in 2015, extra marks was give for the one not very clear question.

(Source: Times of India)

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