Just when we thought the Rajasthan High court judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma took the bizarre word to its peak with his comments that peacock remains a life long brahmchari (celibate) and impregnates the peahen with tears,  a Malayalam speaking man has floated a theory that is far too incomprehensible for a normal human mind.

In a hilarious video that has gone viral on Facebook, he explains at length the various benefits of cow dung, urine and it’s horns also.


He first says that cow’s horns can absorb radioactivity.


To prove his point he goes on to say “If you place an FM radio in between the horns of a cow, you won’t hear the programmer. Just a humming noise.”


He further says that if cow’s horns are so powerful it can be used to eliminate harmful magnetic waves from atmosphere.


He also said that the cow’s dung is not being valued by the government and claimed that cow dung has plutonium which is the most powerful element used to harness energy in nuclear plant.


He said if government takes action to extract plutonium from dung, it will bring huge economic change in our country.

Then he finally talked about the cow urine saying it has been scientifically proven that gomutra can treat cancer.


He also cited one of his christian friends who was suffering from blood cancer who got cured mainly due to Cow urine.


He also explained how snakes exhaled air can cure viruses invisible to human beings. In the video, he says that he has understood these truths and calls on researchers to take it further.