In a surprising yet appreciative move, a Muslim man from Uttar Pradesh donated two bighas of land for the construction of a gaushala (cow shelter) on May 3. He took this decision at a time when numerous cases of cow vigilantism are being reported all across the country. No doubt, his move highlights and firmly establishes the secular nature of the country and the respect that one community holds for another.

The man has been identified as Sarvath Ali, a resident of Muzaffarnagar area of Uttar Pradesh.

“40-year-old Sarvath Ali donated his two bighas of land for facilitating the construction of a gaushala in the Purkazi town of Muzaffarnagar district,” Har Shyam Das Goel, president of the Balaji Dham temple committee, told PTI.

While lauding the move, Goel further informed that Sarvath had transferred his piece of land under the name of Balaji Dham temple.

It is no surprise. People have been doing it all this while: donating money, donating land for a cause, a noble cause. But this time it’s different: the cause and the place alike. This move from Sarvath is a lesson for those who are politicising the issue that the country is reeling under; in the state where not long ago a Hindu nationalist was appointed as the Chief Minister.

Of late, the nation has been facing a lot of incidents of cow vigilantism, including the first case in Assam on May 2 where two men were beaten to death by a mob that alleged the duo was involved in cow theft.