With the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) missing its March deadline, it is going all out to ensure early roll-out of third phase of metro expansion. In order to avoid further delay, Delhi Metro paid Rs 5.91 crore to owners of two adjacent buildings in Hasanpur to acquire a 714-square-meter plot for its metro expansion plan

Delhi Metro directly negotiated with the house owners and paid a whopping Rs 5.91 crore for rights to demolish just the top floors of the two adjacent buildings, reported Times of India.The need for demolition of top floors was necessitated as the buildings were in the way of a viaduct connecting IP Extension to Anand Vihar via the Vinod Nagar depot, the daily reported.

It is for the first time Delhi Metro has inked a deal using easement rights as the agency will not have ownership of the building. An easement rights negotiation is when the property is used by another party for a specific purpose, even as the ownership of the property remains with the owner. It does not involve a transfer of ownership rights.

The owners can rebuild the structure, provided they get the requisite permission from Delhi Metro once the viaduct is constructed, DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal told the daily.