One often hears incidents of brides calling off their marriage due to dowry reasons but a girl in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) refused to marry a man chosen by her parents as he could not write properly in Hindi. The woman is said to have studied till 5th grade whereas man had cleared the senior secondary schools.

According to a report published in the Times of India, this was to be an arranged marriage and the young woman from Kurawali area of Mainpuri district asked the man who belongs to Farakkabad to write words like “Saampradaayik” (Communal) and “Drishtikona” (Viewpoint).

The incident took place when the two families decided to give a chance to the couple to meet each other. The very next day they reached with their respective families at the Numaish Ground in Mainpuri. When the two were talking, the boy took out a diary and asked the girl to spell out few words in Hindi, to which she agreed and wrote down all the words. When checked all the words spell by the girl were correct, after which the boy agreed to marry her.

But what happened next was something that the boy in his dreams might not have thought of. After successfully passing the ‘test’ the girl then gave the pen and the diary to the boy and asked him to write down few words like “Saampradaayik” (Communal), “Drishtikona” (Viewpoint) and “Parishram” (Diligence). When checked all the words written by the boy were incorrect after which girl rejected the man chosen by her family.