If one goes out to shop branded cotton garment these days, the very first brand name that comes to mind is Fabindia. It has become favorite to many. But it looks like, the textile retail chain seems to be in trouble these days. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has issued legal notice to Fabindia for using brand name Khadi without seeking approval.

KVIC has sent a legal notice to Fabindia asking it to immediately stop using Khadi word from all its cotton products. And has asked Fabindia for an explanation within 15 days from date notice has been issued.

Notice issued by KVIC to Fabindia’s New Delhi-based CEO on February 8 stated, “You are called upon to explain your position in the above matter within 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice, failing which the KVIC will be constrained to proceed against your company as per law for the violation of Khadi Mark Regulation and payment or incidental damages for the losses caused to KVIC by Fabindia.”

KVIC is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

KVIC Chairman V K Saxena said, “the KVIC was very keen to protect its reputation and would take stringent measures against those who violated rules and regulations that have been framed for the benefit of rural artisans attached to it.”

As per the Khadi Mark Regulations, 2003 and Khadi & Village Industries Commission Act, 1956 in order to regulate the production, sale or trading of Khadi and Khadi products in India, “no textile shall be sold or otherwise trade by any person or certified Khadi institution as ‘’hadr’ or ‘Khadi products’, in any form or manner without it bearing a ‘Khadi Mark’ tag or label issued by KVIC.”