Most of us find, one or other way, to crib about our office, it could be the work pressure, or our salary or an intimidating boss but here is a report that will make you think twice before complaining. It’s not very often that you come across an office where employees work on computers wearing helmets. Yes, you heard it right. Employees of a Bihar government office in East Champaran district wear helmets as the building where they work is in a very bad shape. Not only employees, anyone wishing to enter the premises of bloc office in Areraj will have to wear helmets.

According to Lalan and Parvej Ahmad, who work in the land records department at the bloc office, this precaution has been taken as many members of the office staff have been injured when parts of the roof fell on them. “This is quite an old building. Walls and the roof of the building are in a very bad shape. Water starts trickling the moment it rains. The roof can cave in any day. Since we can’t be absent from our duties, we all decided to wear helmets,” News 18 quoted them as saying.

The building was declared dangerous by building construction department an year ago, yet the office bearers continue to work here.  Well, these employees certainly deserve an appreciation for their dedication towards work but the state government needs take note of this report and act swiftly on it. They are putting their lives at risk as the roof of this dilapidated building can cave in and could result in causality.