Setting an example of communal harmony, an elderly Hindu woman is keeping rozas in the holy month of Ramzan. This is not the first time when she is observing rozas, 85-year-old, Pooriben Leuwa has been fasting during Ramzan for past 34 years. Pooriben calls it a “faith of love” which she shares with her Muslim friends.

Pooriben said, “For the past two years I have not been keeping well. My family and my doctor have allowed me just three rozas this year – 27th, 28th and 29th. But I argue with them every day to allow me to observe the entire 40 days.”

It all started in the year 1982 when her family had been involved in a property dispute. During that time, she visited Bala Pir Bawa dargah where she vowed that if her family wins the case in the court she will keep rozas. Within a year, she won the civil case and since then she has been observing rozas.

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The tradition of observing rozas continued even when she shifted 2.5 km from their old Tajpur Mominwad neighbourhood in Jamalpur after her husband’s demise. She currently resides in Saujanyawas in Danilimda where she is popularly known as ‘Pooriben khala’.

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Sarla Leuwa, Pooriben’s daughter said, “Mominwad families send kheer-sevaiyan for our entire society when Pooriben breaks her fast”. She said families from their previous Mominwad neighbourhood still visit them  Another daughter of Pooriben Manjula Leuwa said “We remember as children that our parents never stopped us from taking part in Muharram observances.”

(Source: Times of India)

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