India’s new cringe-worthy pop artist Dhinchak Pooja might soon face action for not wearing a helmet in her latest song. In her new song ‘Dilon ka shooter’, Dhinchak Pooja can be seen driving a scooter on the roads of Delhi without a helmet, hence flouting traffic rules.

The incident came to light when a citizen informed the Delhi Traffic Police on Twitter that a girl on a scooter around Surajmal Vihar is singing a song out loud without wearing a helmet. The girl turned out to be Dhinchak Pooja. The Delhi Traffic police assured the complainant that suitable action will be taken against her for driving a scooter without a helmet.

The new sensation in cringe-worthy genre, Dhinchak Pooja went viral on social media with ‘Swag Vali Topi’ and ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’, she has come up with another song called ‘Dilon Ka Shooter.’ This time, she can be seen riding a red scooter (which she hails as the ‘dilon ka shooter’) and singing about how there’s no one ‘cuter. Two days after its release, ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’ has managed to get over 3 lakh views on YouTube. Here’s the video which has been the talk of the town.

Take a look at her new song that she has released on “public demand”.

Here’s how peple reacted to Dhinchak Pooja’s latest song: