A police official is suspended for masturbating in front of a woman officer at a police training camp in Delhi. The incident came to light on Saturday evening when the woman who was the subject to this sexual harassment complained about it to her seniors.

As per a report in the Hindustan Times, the Delhi police constable at the training college in Jharoda Kalan had earlier tried to inappropriately touch two women colleagues of his at the dinner. The women cop told that the officer was stinking of alcohol at the dining table and they threatened to report their senior if he did not apologies.

After some time, another woman cop alleged that the same cop stripped and masturbated in front of another her. Soon, the woman told about it to her seniors who reached the spot. After which the officials held an informal test identification parade during which the complainant identified the man.

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The incident has been confirmed by the senior police officers. During the investigation it was revealed that after being threatened by the two women officials in the mess, the cop went to his room where he consumed more alcohol. Later he went to terrace and stripped.

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A few days back, a man was arrested by the Mumbai police after he masturbated in front of two girls in a Mumbai local. One of the girls shared the shocking incident on a blog which  went viral prompting the police to take action against the man. The man has been identified as Ashok Pradhan who was arrested within six hours after the story of the girl went viral on the social media.

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