These days many prefer buying essential items online be it clothes, books or even gadgets. Ordering online in many ways is convenient too, one gets the product on their doorstep within a week, most of the time. Some of the customers in Maharashtra might have also thought so, but to their surprise the product which they ordered never reached them. Because the courier guy used to steal them and sell them off.

24-year-old, Abdul Salaam Shaikh who was working at a courier firm, Gati Couriers, one of whose clients was Hardtrac Services which retails cellphones. After getting a courier of the mobile phone, Shaikh used to sell the mobile phones instead of delivering them. Police recently nabbed him  for stealing as many as 150 cellphones which were meant to be delivered to the customers. The worth of these 150 cellphones is around Rs 13.5 lak.

After an individual places an order online with Hardtrac on Flipkart or Amazon delivery is done by Gati Couriers. Shaikh used to open the parcels, steal the phones and sell them off. An individual who did not receive his online order pressed charges of theft against Shaikh,” a police officer said.

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 The incident came to light when one of the customers who ordered a mobile phone from an e-commerce site did not receive his phone. He then compliant to the police about and also made charges against the Shaikh. When Shaikh got to know that an FIR has been registered against him in the theft case and that the police is looking for him, he fled to his village in Uttar Pradesh.
A police team then went to his village but he could not be find there. After a few days on a tip off, police received the information that Shaikh is back in the city they arrested him from Saki Naka.

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