There is no doubt that the role of teachers is of most importance to the students, they always leave an impact on students. However, what happened recently at a school in Punjab is something that the students would not want to remember. The principal and a teacher at a Government High School, Sundhran in Dera Bassi, beat up each other in a classroom after a heated argument while students looked on.

As per  a report in the Hindustan Times, the headmistress of the school Veena Bassi, had an altercation with Kailash Rani who teaches science in the school. Within no time it got escalated, after which they started hitting each other with a bag. Kailash Rani alleged that other teacher too joined the headmistress and they also beat her up. According to some students, the fight lasted for about 20 minutes.

Kailash Rani said that some of the staff members wanted her to be transferred to some other school but it got stayed by a court. “That is why the headmistress can’t stand me”, said Kailash. She claimed that even though she is senior the headmistress gave the charge of the vice-headmistress who is quite junior to her.

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Meanwhile, Veena Bassi alleged that Kailash Rani attacked three teachers and the records of the school were in the danger because of Kailash. Manjit Singh who is the chairman of the school committee on the incident said, “This is why our school recorded such a poor result in matriculation”. He added that both the parties were equally responsible for the feud.

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Taranjit Singh, a local,  said “We urged the education department to transfer Veena Bassi and Kailash Rani, so our children can study in a peaceful environment.”

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