It’s a duty of the teachers to shape the future of the children but with each passing day some or the other incident comes to light which forces us to think that what example some of the teachers are setting for their students. A few days ago, a video surfaced from Punjab in which principal and a teacher could be seen beating up each other in front of the students. Not even a week had passed since and now another incident has come from Odisha.

Sanjukta Majhi, a teacher from Amantpur Project Upper Primary School which comes under Baanarpaal Block in Angul district in a video could be seen asking her students to clean her scooter. In the video two girls dressed in a school uniform can be seen washing her scooter and the teacher  is holding a stick. After the video went viral, school authorities suspended the teacher.

The video was recorded by a the guardian of the student who also expressed his anger on seeing the minor students cleaning her scooter. To which the teacher allegedly replied that what students are doing is Guru Seva (Service to the teachers).

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This is not the first time when she has involved students in getting her personal work done. Earlier also, the school principal has warned the Majhi not to take help of the students in getting her personal work done but seems like it had no affect on her. Meanwhile, denied the allegations and said that she did not ask the students to wash her scooter but it was only the students who offered her to clean the vehicle.

(Source: Orrisa Post)

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