A disturbing video has surfaced from Maharashtra in which two young men can be seen drinking, walking unsteadily and suddenly falling into a two thousand feet gorge. Both of them were apparently trying to perform dangerous stunts after entering the danger zone. The incident took place at Amboli Ghat which a quite a sought after picnic spot in Maharashtra.

The deceased have been identified as Imran Garadi (26) and Pratap Rathod (21) who were employed at a poultry farm in Kolhapur and have come to Amboli Ghat with their other five colleagues. The incident, which was filmed by one of their friends, took place on Monday. According to a senior police officer Sunil Dhanawade due to heavy rainfall, the bodies of the two are yet to be recovered.

It was when their colleagues were leaving from the place, Imran and Pratap decided to stay back to perform some stunts. In a two minute video, they can be seen climbing the iron railing, sitting on it and then standing on the edge. Other tourists can be heard shouting at them to stay away from the gorge and stop performing the stunts.

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Suddenly, one of them lost the grip and fell into the valley and the other also fell with him as he had caught his hand. After the incident, their friends went to the police saying that two of their friends have gone missing. A day later, the video of the incident started doing the rounds on social media. “We will question the person who shot the video,” said an officer. He added that the person who filmed it could have gone and stopped his friend.

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During the investigation, local people and shopkeepers told the police about what had happened. After which police roped in trekkers to search two men and hours later their bodies were spotted down the valley. But heavy rainfall is making it difficult to pull out the bodies.

(Source: NDTV)

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