A Bengaluru based entrepreneur had a close brush with death after part of his arm was chomped off by a crocodile at a lake in Ramanagaram on Sunday. Mudit Dandawate, a 26-year-old IIT graduate, was on a weekend trip along with his friend and two dogs to Thattekere Reserve Forest– 55 km from Bengaluru.Dandawate parked his vehicle near a lake in the middle of the forest with a temple next to it. The dogs were not on a leash and scampered off into the water. Dandawate rushed to catch the dogs in the water but failed to notice crocodile which took hold off his left forearm.

When his friend screamed for help, four forest officials came to rescue. Dandawate survived the attack but the crocodile chewed off his left forearm just below the elbow.The victim was rushed to Sagar Hospital on Bannerghatta Road and was later shifted to Hosmat hospital in the city. “Since the crocodile may have eaten that part there was no possibility of reattachment,” the Medical Director of Hosmat hospital, Dr Ajith Benedict Rayan, told NDTV.

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“His condition is stabilised and he is now out of the ICU and in a ward,” he added. Dandwate reportedly told friends that in his hurry to get the dogs out of the water, he did not see any signs warning against crocodiles in the water. According to a report in The Hindu, there are  nearly 12 crocodiles in the freshwater lake and numerous boards had been placed in the area prohibiting people from entering it.

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However, it’s not end of trouble for the IIT Bombay alumnus who hails from Nagpur. Authorities have booked Dandawate under Section 24 of the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963, for trespassing into a prohibited area.

“It is a prohibited area, and is a key corridor for elephants who use the lakes,” Deputy Conservator of Forests (Bannerghatta National Park) Javeed Mumtaz told The Hindu.

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