The Bengal chapter of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) recently held a sant sammelan in Kolkata. The objective of the meeting was to find a way to help Hindus and to reach out to them so that their voice can be heard. Many resolutions were passed in the summit, among which one was to put tilak on Bengal Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim.

The another resolution passed was that only Hindus should be appointed as the head of every committee of Hindu place of worship and non-Hindu cannot take charge of it. The decision has come after West Bengal chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently gave the charge of the chairman of the Tarakeshwar Development Board (TDB) in Hooghly district to the Bengal Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim. The opposition has called the decision as a politics of appeasement.

The board will also look after 288-year-old Tarakeshwar temple. As per a report in ScoopWhoop news Sourish Mukherjee, spokesperson of Bengal leg of Vishwa Hindu Parishad said, “We firmly believe that if he is being made the head of a Hindu temple he should not object to a tilak.”

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He added, “We have directed all Bajrang Dal members to put tilak on him wherever he is spotted”. He also said that it is the time that Hindus should come together irrespective of their caste so as to protect themselves.

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Recently, riots broke out the Baduria area in Basirhat after an “Objectionable post” by Class 11 boy went viral. The boy had allegedly posted a derogatory meme on Prophet Mohammad and Islamic holy site Kaaba. While the police detained him, the angry mobs allegedly attacked Hindus, vandalised shops and demanded that the boy is handed over to them.

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