It is said, ‘God helps those, who help themselves’ and the phrase best suits to those bar or shop owners who tend serve alcohol after Supreme Court ruled that highways cannot have places serving liquor. Soon after SCs ruling, the owners are coming up with innovative ideas to serve it smoothly. With some ingenious thinking and unique construction Aishwarya Restobar in Paravoor, Ernakulam, Kerala has come up with a mind-boggling idea and an amazing alternative to keep on doing the job.

The owner of Aishwarya restobar has built a maze and decided to take another route and build a 250-300 metre path that leads to his restobar. The bar situated on NH 17.

Recently, the SC ordered liquor shops and bars within 500 metres of national/state highways should be shut down while hearing a PIL filed by NGO Arrive Safe.

The NGO had said that a majority of the 1.42 lakh deaths due to road accidents in the country annually, was due to drinking and driving.

Several resto bars in popular malls like Cyber Hub and Ambience Mall in North Central Region (NCR) have changed their entrance route. The entrance to Cyber Hub in Gurgaon has been moved so that the distance is more than a kilometre from NH8 to escape liquor ban order. Whereas, Ambience Mall has closed the entrance to the Leela Ambience Hotel to increase distance from highway and visitors have to drive around the residential complex before entering the hotel.

High-end hotels in NCR including Oberoi, Westin, Trident and Leela have come under the categories of pubs that are within the 500 metres of the Gurgaon highway who were banned from selling alcohol from April 1 causing a massive uproar.

As many as 109 pubs and 43 liquor shops have reportedly lost their licenses.