At first sight, you may think that half-a-dozen security guards are protecting a truck carrying jewellery or precious electronic goods, but in reality they are actually protecting the tomatoes!

According to a Hindustan Times report, since tomato has become the most expensive vegetable, it has to be guarded by armed security men in Indore’s Devi Ahilya Bai Holker vegetable mandi.

The sudden shortage of tomatoes has led to increase in the rate of the vegetable with prices in some cases being quoted at Rs 100 per kg.

“Security of tomatoes with its skyrocketing prices has become a cause of concern for the wholesalers. Reently, some thieves attacked a tomato laden truck and looted 2600 kilograms of tomatoes in Mumbai on July 15. This has added to Indore businessmen’s concern,” said Santosh Narang, a wholesaler of the mandi, according to the HT report.

“Since tomato prices have soared up unexpectedly, the risk of theft has increased,” said a vendor.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/ Patrika News

To keep the tomatoes safe, the businessmen had asked for security arrangements from the mandi administration, following which half a dozen armed guards were hired to protect the tomatoes.

According to mandi administration, more than 11 trucks arrived in the mandi on July 22. The tomatoes are being sold in the presence of guards.

“The businessmen had given a letter demanding proper security arrangements particularly during unloading of trucks laden with tomatoes. The guards have been deployed after that request,” said Mandi inspector Ramesh Sawadiya.

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