At a time when series of mob lynchings over beef rumours have rocked India, a Muslim man from Kutch has come forward for the cause of cow protection. Jabbar Jat, a 27-year-old man has come up with a unique plan to do so! Hailing from Kudbay village of Nakhtrana talukam, the man has announced that he would sit on fast for 48 hours, beginning July 20 at Kutch district collectorate.

According to a Times of India report, Jat is a cattle-rearer and owns 16 cows and nine buffaloes. In a letter to the district collector, he demanded grazing land in each taluka of Kutch.

Jat also wants the government to frame a law that mandates every farmer to keep two bullocks and that government give them subsidy. “The state government should bear 50% cost of each gaushala and it must buy fertilizer made of cow urine and cow dung from the farmers. The state government must take initiative for conservation of stray cows and cow progeny, he demanded,” according to the TOI report.

Jat feels that in the last two to three years, cow has become a tool to spread hatred, which is hitting the business.

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“No gau rakshak himself rears a cow and merely indulges in hooliganism in the name of cow protection. In such scenario, no one from the gau raksha brigade ever talked about welfare of stray cows. So, I decided to take up this cause,” said Jat.

The gau rakshaks, who are lynching innocents, must rear at least one cow or cow progeny to justify their cause, says Jat.

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By undergoing fast, Jat wants to send out a message of communal harmony. “I want to tell the cow vigilantes that let us sit together for gau raksha because killing in the name of cow will lead us to a barbaric society, which will never serve the true purpose,” he said.

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