We often disregard a teen movie as something that is only intended for a younger audience. The characters, often too childish and at times brash, are hard to connect with. Such is the case with Netflix Original movie Slam as well, however, it doesn’t seem to be as displeasing as one would expect. Based on Nick Hornby’s 2007 novel Slam – Tutto per una ragazza¬†(“Slam- All for a Girl”), this Italian movie premiered at the Torino Film Festival in November last year.

Slam follows the story of Samuele (Ludovico Tersigni), a self-ruling 16-year-old skateboarder, as he makes his way through high-school. But, he is pushed to grow up a lot, a little too fast when he finds out that he is about to become a father.

Netflix Slam Tutto per una ragazza Movie

Barbara Ramella Gigliardi (left) as Alice and Ludovico Tersigni (right) as Samuele.

Sam doesn’t have a lot of things which occupy him: his life revolves around his 32-year-old mother, Tony Hawk and his dreams of moving to California. However, all that changes when he meets Alice (Barbara Ramella Gigliardi). As different as they are, they almost immediately strike a connection. However, being a free-spirit, Sam doesn’t like being tied down and pulls out of the relationship. Interestingly, he can’t seem to do the same in the bedroom and ends up with a pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Netflix Slam Tutto per una ragazza Movie

The story seems to come from quite a youthful (read: naive) perspective which may not appeal to an older audience. The characters, however, likeable are not very believable. Gladly, the cast does make up for the flawed plot. Once the story picks up after the pregnancy revelation, Jasmine Trinca, who plays Sam’s mother, really comes into her own and proves to be more potent than her co-stars. The two leads, Tersigni and Ramella also delivered tidy performances despite being amateur actors.

Netflix Slam Tutto per una ragazza Movie

Jasmine Trinca (left) plays the role of Sam’s 32-year-old mother.

As the film draws to a close, it rushes through its plotlines, making an already unrealistic plot a bit unbearing. But, the thing about Slam is that it may not have a very sound plot, it will leave you with a smile regardless.