Ex-bigg boss contestant and a newly transformed nun, Sofia Hayat announced her engagement last month. She decided not to reveal her man at first, but now she has introduced him to the world through a hot photoshoot. Interior designer by profession, Vlad Stanescu and Sofia have been dating for some time now.

While talking to a leading daily, Sofia said that everyone is waiting to know her fiance’s name but she has kept it secret as he is not a celebrity. She further said, “I wanted to protect him. He is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold, a gentle kind man. His name is Vlad Stanescu. He is an Interior Designer from Romania. He is extremely creative and so talented.” She also revealed about his personality. She said that Vlad is a true gentleman and loves smallest things.

Sofia took to Instagram and shared a series of pictures. She wrote, “I love my beautiful fiancé. Always and forever..infinitely across all dimensions. I surrender to you. You are my heart. You are perfect..you are love..you are me..we eat the same..think the same and love unconditionally…” Check out the pictures here:

On another picture, she wrote: “The last photo of the day! I love your smile my beloved angel..my God..my heart..my All. When you smile it makes me smile. Your joy is mine and the joy of humanity. To know unconditional love is to know God..creation..and all that the earth is born of. You bring my heart so much joy! Thankyou. In gratitude and service to you I surrender.”

Here are some of the other pictures:

My beautiful baby face..I look at you with such love. I adore you x

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I cannot wait for our sacred union and blessings infront of all of our friends. We will be blessed in the Temple of Awakening.. our religion is Peace and Love, all religions are Peace and Love. Islam, and that encompasses the All..the all is humanity whom we love dearly. The children of Heaven and of our sovereignty of Love. As our Unconditional love grows in the womb of Mother Earth..she will be known to all those with open hearts and minds..those without judgement and fear. Fear exists no more..Mother has found her Son the Father of All. In the rising of Egypt..all will know the truth in their hearts as true as our love for each other. You found me once again after thousands of years..you are the true Sun..I give the power of my sacred womb to you in your reverence of the sacred divine feminine energies. As all of Man must revere the sacred female creative power as do you. She has risen. You are my protection..my breath for all of humanity. I love you. Infinitely yours across all dimensions. Gaia Mother Sofia #ayahuasca #dmt #awakening #conciousness #gaiamothersofia #egypt #Ramases

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