The Bigg Boss house got its second captain — Rohan Mehra. After a tiring captaincy task, and getting the maximum number of votes from the housemates, Rohan got the crown. Meanwhile, arguments kept on happening between Bani-Lopa, Bani-Gaurav, Rohan-Lokesh and Swami Om-Gaurav. While Bani and Lopa are on their same tangent of snapping each other, Gaurav’s equation with Bani seems quite strange.

The two act like good friends for a moment and then turns into enemies in the other. In the last night’s episode, Rohan and Lokesh, who bonded well so far, were seen arguing twice. The interesting conversation was between Swami Om and Gaurav. Aadat se majboor Swamiji once again raised eyebrows over Nitibha’s dress and asked Gaurav that why do women even wear short clothes. To which Gaurav reverted that it is completely their choice. He asked Swamiji that he should just refrain from saying such things on national television since every woman has a right to decide for herself — what to wear, what to eat, how to live.

However, what caught our attention was the sneak peek of the next episode. So, in tonight’s episode Mona will be seen shedding tears once again while Manu will comfort her. In the sneak peek, he was seen telling Mona that it’s time she should self-eliminate herself from the house. Is it like Manu wants Mona to get out of the house willingly in the mid of the show? He told Mona that her motive of being on the show has already been achieved and she should not take more efforts to be on the show from now on.

Manu Punjabi in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for

Manu Punjabi in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

This is not expected from Manu Punjabi. The man who is one of the commoners inside the house is giving us entertainment on the show. His efforts of doing better everytime than the last day are evidently visible. He has in fact tried to infuse enthusiasm in the contestants whenever they felt discouraged in the game. Self-elimination means a contestant will not be liked to be evicted from the house as per the nomination process. Whether celebs or commoners, all housemates are subjected to just one way of getting out of the house — public voting. Self-elimination means a contestant doesn’t care about the fans who have been voting to save him/ her so far in the show. It’s also like committing suicide because you are fed up of living life inside the house. Instead of fighting and trying to make your own way, you are trying to get rid of everything in one go.

Manu, not done!