Bigg Boss 10’s most controversial contestant Swami Om is continuously in news for some reason or the other. When he was in the BB 10 house, he made Salman Khan and the fellow contestants so angry with his cheap antics that finally Bigg Boss had to throw him out of the house.

But Swami Om remained unaffected with all that and continued saying and doing nasty things after coming out as well. Recently, he released a video saying that if people kept on insulting him like this, another huge earthquake like the one happened in Nepal will occur.

But now the man has crossed all the limits, as he and one of his associates tried to molest a woman. She also alleged that Swami Om threatened to ruin generations of her entire family.

The incident took place at the IP estate in New Delhi on February 7. The woman in her complaint said that she had gone to Rajghat Power House for some work, where Swami Om and one of his associate started abusing her and even touched her inappropriately.

Swami Om in Big Boss 10 Colors TV photos for

Swami Om in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

In an interview with HT, DCP, Central, MS Randhawa confirmed the news and told that Swami Om and the woman’s husband had a dispute in past as well. He said:

Following the woman’s complaint, we have registered a case of molestation and voluntarily causing hurt against Swami Om and his associate. Teams have been formed to arrest them. Raids are being conducted and the arrest will soon be made. We are also verifying the allegations made by the woman.

Swami Om in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for

Swami Om in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

Police also confirmed that the woman in her statement sai that Swami Om and his associate took her to their room in an ashram near ITO and attempted to rape her. He further added:

The woman told us that there was some dispute between her husband and Swami Om and that they had allegedly thrashed him in the past. On February 7, she alleged, that Swami Om and his associate threatened that they would destroy her like they destroyed her husband. She said that she somehow managed to escape and make a PCR call. She also called her mother and sister.


Swami Om in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

Well, what else is left to say? We give up on this man!