Ex-Splitsvilla contestant Gaurav Arora, recently, has transformed into a beautiful woman. And (s)he is now called Gauri Arora. He was the fist Indian who proudly acknowledged his bisexuality on the reality show. Now once again she is in news. Just a few days ago, MTV Splitsvilla 8 contestant spoke about his sex change operation and how he transformed himself into Gauri Arora. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Gauri confessed that she was raped at the age of 11. She said that for the incident she was blamed because she used to dress like a girl. She narrated the entire story to the daily media saying that there were six or seven years older boys in her tuition class. And one day they got her to stay late and took her to the park. They were talking to her affectionately and initially, she was revelling in the attention from the big boys. Before she knew it, they started caressing and kissing then manhandling her and molested her. She was in pain. She further said, “I knew this was wrong although I didn’t know exactly how.”

Further, Gauri said that initially, her mother didn’t want to tell this to her father, however, later they told about the incident and also informed the police. After this police confronted those boys.

Earlier in an interview with Bombay Times, Gauri made some other revelations. Gauri said, since her childhood she knew that she was a woman and was always attracted to men, but the fear of being rejected made her suppress true identity. It was Splitsvilla that transformed him into a woman eventually. She said that although she entered the show as a straight guy, came out as a changed person.

My silence is just another word for my pain!!

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Dealing with life with a smile

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Gauri’s father never supported her as she says, “We never had a conversation on this until I came out of the closet on the show. My mother dissuaded me from talk to my father as he wouldn’t understand, but I didn’t pay heed. He severed ties with me. I hope to reconcile with him one day. I cry sometimes as the journey has been really difficult. The medical procedure is so expensive and his support would have made a difference.”

Smiling faces have the hardest stories to tell..

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We really think Gauri that this takes a lot of courage and power. From accepting individuality to doing what you feel is right, Gauri deserves all respect.