Karan Johar’s autobiography An Unsuitable Boy, which hit stand a few days ago put his sexual orientation in limelight once again. In the book, KJo wrote how there has always been a lot of discussion about his sexuality but why he chose to not ‘say the three words’. After excerpts of the book made their way on the web, there were a lot of opinion articles written about the path he took to speak about it.

Though Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director, came at the receiving end of criticism for his act, he has also garnered applauds. The New York Times in an article appreciated the way Karan Johar spoke about his sexual orientation. They referred to him as ‘The man who let India out of the closet’.

Writing at large about Karan, the article read- An ocean of innuendo has always surrounded Mr Johar’s sexuality. He has done more than anybody to introduce the idea of homosexuality into the Indian home. It would seem no closet door was better primed to spring open than his. And yet when he tries the latch, he finds it sticks.

karan johar

Karan Johar
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The piece further added that though Karan has not spoken about his sexuality a lot, he has through his works touched the topic. It gave the example of how his production film Bombay Talkies featured a gay kiss and how he attended a roast where he made fun of himself.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar
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Telling about Karan’s loneliness, the article read, Mr Johar, though he has tried actively to find love – even, as he writes in his memoir, resorting to an agency that deals exclusively with the ultra rich and famous – faces the prospect of growing old alone. It’s a theme he returns to again and again in the book, as does his desire to have children. I hope he does.

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karan johar

Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar at An Unsuitable Boy book launch

Heaping praises on Karan, the article concluded by saying that though he might not have said the words aloud, his work talks volumes about his courage.

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One wants him not merely to be brave, but happy – and, needless to say, gay.