Manveer Gurjar is a dairy owner based in Noida. He also goes by the name Manoj Kumar Baisoya and is one of the probable contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10 which is to be hosted by Salman Khan. The 29-year-old seems to have quite an interest in gyming and going out with his friends. He also likes to watch wrestling and is interested in wrestling himself.

As evident from his pictures, Manveer is also a beard enthusiast and has a dynamite beard. Apart from the dairy he owns, he is a farmer and a business and will be representing the more remote areas of the country. Born on 13th June 1987, Manveer is a gemini an is very extroverted, attributing to his interests in kabbadi and other physical sports.

A graduate from Delhi University is known to be a little short of temper and with his rugged, imposing appearance he is certainly going to be able to be at ease around the house. In fact, Manveer says about himself, “I live in a joint family of 49 members in Noida. I work in the family business and have the responsibility of collecting rent from our loaned property. I am short-tempered and my advice to the other housemates is ‘think before you mess with me’.” Other contestants better oblige or else… Actaully, they better not, Bigg Boss is a show that’s supposed to have drama, right? But, I guess he won’t get into much trouble given he’s used to living under the same roof with a large number of people.

Manveer Gurjar Bigg Boss | Facebook Photo For

(Courtesy: Facebook/Manveer Gurjar – Sumit Baisoya)

Apart from being one of the thirteen aam aadmis on the show, Manveer has also worked in collaboration with the Aam Aadmi Party towards the upliftment of the Gurjar community in Noida. And a background in social activism is another plus as to why Manveer would be a good addition to the Bigg Boss mansion. The show had already released the promo video for this contestant on its channel Colors.