Salman Khan is back with his Weekend Ka Vaar, but is clearly disappointed. Bigg Boss 10 is entering its second month but the TRPs are not encouraging. With no controversies, no fights and no fun, the numbers are falling and it seems that the reality show is losing its pace. So, this time host Salman Khan will be seen giving a wake-up call to the contestants.

The Sultan actor will rebuke the celebrities for being lethargic. He will pull up the contestants by showing small clips in which the Bigg Boss house members can be seen lazing around for hours. He will be seen particularly targeting Rahul Dev, Gaurav Chopra, and Rohan Mehra.


Also in tonight’s episode, the contestants will see singer-composer — Himesh Reshammiya, performing a song from his latest album — Aap Se Mausiiquii.

This week commoner Navin Prakash will leave the house, claim reports. Rumours were rife that Navin had left the house after getting injured while performing a task inside the house. However, he is still being seen in the house. As per reports, he never left the Bigg Boss house for his treatment, instead, doctors attended to him on the sets itself. But due to the low votes by viewers, he will be seen leaving the Bigg Boss house in Sunday’s episode.


After the surprise twist and intriguing task, four people were nominated for this week’s eviction. Apart from Navin, Rahul Dev, Lokesh Kumari, and Manveer Gujjar were among those who were nominated for this week’s eviction. However, reports are now suggesting that Navin Prakash has been evicted from the house. Navin was being considered as the weakest among of all the nominated contestants. This is the third eviction from the house. Before Navin, in previous episodes Indiawale Akansha Singh and Priyanka Jagga have been evicted from the house.


Meanwhile, Bani Judge has been selected as the first captain of the house. And on the first day of her captaincy, she was asked to take some difficult decisions including work division, punishing, rewarding contestants and sending them to jail. Though she looked indecisive initially, it seems that she is slowly gathering her momentum now.