After addressing a rally in Uttarakhand’s Srinagar on the morning of Feb 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the crowd in Pithoragarh, as the state is all set to go for polls on February 15.

In an obvious attack on Congress, PM Modi while addressing a rally said “Those who have looted the country for past 70 years now their game is over. They have to return it back to the country. Till all works are finished neither I will sit peacefully nor will I let the robbers sit peacefully”.

On increasing the fund allotted to  security personnel he said that the hike in funds  given to them  has not only helped them but also their family members. Attacking Congress over it PM said, they insulted the armed forces by earmarking a mere Rs 500 crore for OROP.

Here are the top five things that he said during the rally:

  • Surprised that a few speak about Harda tax. But why are development projects stalled? This has badly hit progress of state
  • Neither I will sit peacefully sit nor will I let the robbers sit peacefully, until all the work is finished.
  • Those who have looted the country for 70 years, their days are gone now and they will have to return everything.
  • We have increased funds being allotted to the armed personnel. This has benefited them and their families immensely.
  • Congress insulted the armed forces by earmarking a mere Rs 500 crore for OROP.

Earlier, in the rally in Srinagar he had attacked Congress and said the party didn’t even note difficulties our ex-servicemen faced. They made a joke out of OROP, it was implemented once we assumed office.

He also added, times have changed, the government in the national capital has changed. Indian soldiers will no more tolerate attacks but will now reciprocate. On demonetisation he said, some still haven’t come to senses after the announcement, they can say things, call me names but I don’t mind I will fight and work for poor.