In yet another blistering attack on Opposition over demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his earlier remark saying that they are not unhappy over alleged problems in its implementation rather it was well planned move given the fact that they did not get time to prepare.

Addressing an election rally ahead of fourth phase of UP assembly elections at Orai in Bundelkhand, Prime Minsiter said that Bundelkhand has been ignored by both SP and BSP. “They have taken it for granted for too long. The situation in Bundelkhand is worst in UP,” he added.

Taking a dig at BSP supremo Mayawati, Prime Minister said that BSP no more a Bahujan Samaj Party, it has now become  Behenjee Sampatti Party. “Mayawati alleges that our preparation (demonetisation) was not well but I will ask was it ours or hers?” PM added referring to 100 cr deposits made by BSP post note-ban.

Prime Minister also promised that Bundelkhand’s voice will be heard when BJP forms government in the state.

He also expressed over rampant illegal mining in region.

“The only industry that has thrived in this region is illegal mining. Don’t you think it should end?” he said.

” We will form a speacial team to put an end to this menace. We will use the satellite technology to monitor the land resources of Bundelkhand,” he added.