A two-year-old girl and a pair of newborn twins were orphaned after their parents died the same day on July 26 in Florida. Tragically, the father Jevaughn Suckoo, was fatally shot outside their Florida home on July 11. On the other hand, 27- year-old Stephanie Caceres met with an infection after she gave birth to twins on July 14 and was kept in the intensive care unit for almost 10 days.

However, Stephanie died on Wednesday from her Caesarean section infection at the same time when her boyfriend was being buried. The twins were born three days after he was fatally shot at.

Jevaughn’s death has been ruled as a homicide. There are no details whether there have been any arrests so far.

The family is now thinking about how to raise the three children. At Juan E. Batista Pediatrics in Lake Clarke Shores, where Caceres worked for four years, their well-wishers gathered in huge numbers to give donations to help the kids in the case of this sudden tragedy.

Office Manager Lina Niemczyk said that the office and their patients are like a family, so they are coming together to gather items and money for Caceres’s children. “Our goal is to secure their future,” Niemczyk said. “It’s a promise to their mom and dad.”

A day after she gave birth to her twins, she took to Facebook to express her distress about her boyfriend’s death. “I just don’t understand how someone can have the heart to leave three kids without a father especially two that never got the chance to even meet him. They didn’t deserve this! I’m trying I really am to stay strong but this has to be the toughest battle I’ve ever had to fight,” she wrote on her Facebook wall.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the three children can send in their donations to their GoFundMe Page at Juan E. Batista Pediatrics at 1840 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 101, in Lake Clarke Shores.