Have you ever tried exercising with your pet? If not, do try it because it is not just cute but it is super cute. Ok. Enough of cuteness overload. But it is fun too. On a serious note, apart from keeping you healthy, stress-free and happy, it also keeps your pets healthy because pets also need to exercise apart from that usual walk. Exercising with pets doesn’t only sound cute but also looks cute. A Facebook page, Paws for A Picture, based out of Bangalore has posted an extremely adorable video of a woman exercising with her dog and just calling it cute would be an understatement. The video has been viewed by over 970 k Facebook users.

The video starts with the woman, along with her cute little canine, bringing her Yoga mat and spreading it. The dog keeps looking at her and spreads its mat in the same manner the woman does.To watch the two exercising in an absoulutely synchronised manner. She starts with the basic neck lifts and you can see this cute little thing lift its neck up as if trying to reduce his double-chin. LOL. Then, it helps the woman while she does abdominal crunches. Watching the entire video would satisfy your soul and by the end of it, we bet you would be left craving for more cuteness.