A day before Valentine’s Day, Mumbai resident Vaibhav Bansode and his wife Sanjeevani dressed up as newly wed couple and came out on the streets, carrying fake horses to promote social cause of Anti Drug addiction.

Vaibhav, who works in Maharashtra Nashabandi Mandal , an organization which work to stop drug problem in state, was seen posing with his wife Sanjeevani to create awareness among Mumbai  youth. Vaibhav is very optimistic about this move and believes that it will bring a change.
“The motive behind dressing up like a newly wed couple, just a before Valentine’s day, was to ask the youngsters to choose their partners wisely who are not addicted to drugs . This will help them to lead a happy life,” said vaibhav who always wanted a wife who don’t do drugs. “When we both got married, he told me that we need to create awareness against drug abuse as it’s not good for the youth ” said his wife Sanjeevani .
When asked about their participation, they said that its voluntary. Since every year someone pose as Husband and wife, the couple, who got married eight months back, thought of promoting it as a “real” Husband and wife so as to encourage people to marry somebody who is not addicted to drugs.
Maharashtra Nashabandi Mandal is promoting this cause for last six years in Mumbai and this year they were at Churchgate for it. “For 62 years we are fighting against drugs and this is sixth year we are making rounds on the roads of Mumbai to create awareness. Since many couples visit Churchgate, we thought this will be ideal place to promote this cause,” Eknath Tambvekar , Vice President of Maharashtra Nashabandi Mandal, said.
 Story by Deven D Lad